Let's go to the digital space

I love when new directions open up for me, and today the digital world offers so many opportunities for the entrepreneurials. NFT creation is  such an exciting, but also an extremely challenging topic that I've tried many times but never got ahead of it. I don't know anything about programming and as I started to delve into this topic I got more and more questions and to be honest, I got confused. So I suspended the project, but I didn't give it up. It seems that now the time has finally come: Hello 21st century, Hello metaverse!
My first NFT works are done and are exhibited and of course available for purchase at gallery.

14th December 2022


See Paris...and exhibit

The end of 2022 is a really eventful year for me: while I'm preparing for the exhibition at Barcelona, I've also been invited to Paris, which of course I couldn't decline. Paris Art Shopping, evoking the times of Art Salons, was held at the Carrousel du Louvre. There were so many exhibitors, but more importantly, there were so many visitors! It was an incredible energy to see that so many people are interested in art and it was a real sense of achievement to see how many people looked at my artwork, Gravida Gravitas, with appreciative glances.

26th October 2022


When a dream comes true...

I’ve been in Barcelona many times before, I am so inspired by the city itself and the way it embraces and supports contemporary art. I think one of the most outstanding museums in Europe is the MEAM (Museu Europeu d'Art Modern), the European Museum of Modern Art located in the old town in the El Born district that I visit every time.  Looking the exhibitions, I have often imagined what a feeling would be to see my artworks here and now it is an incredible feeling to let you know that this dream is coming true now. In November 2022, I will exhibit at MEAM as part of the 4th Barcelona Art Biennale!


I was awarded  with the International Prize Leonardo da Vinci

It is an incredible pleasure that for my artistic merit I was awarded with International Art Prize Leonardo da Vinci in Italy. The awarding ceremony was taken place on February 6th, 2022 at the Borghese Palace - Florence. Due to the Covid situation I was unfortunately unable to attend the event in person, but I am compensated by the appreciation and, of course, the fact that I got a full page appearance in the January/February issue of the Art International Contemporary Magazine.
Moreover the best Hungarian cultural website, the also made attention to me and my prize:)