According to Zen's teaching, "if you know exactly what you have to do and you do it, you can express yourself completely" …the question is at which moment you realize what you need to do and how you can transform this mental process into a physical reality.

I am Dénes Csasznyi, I was born in 1967 in Becej, Vojvodina. Being a son of a sculptor, I grew up in my father's atelier. I loved being in his studio, playing with clay and pretending to be a sculptor too. I tried to copy my father’s technique and making my own artwork what he absolutely supported and gave maximum space to. With such a childhood, it was almost unambiguous for me to become an artist too, although I chose another way in spiritual and physical sense also.

Preparing for becoming a veterinarian, I had studied ANIMAL anatomy and then, after studying MECHANICAL engineering, my aim was to get to know in depth the anatomy of the HUMAN being.

As a result of these three ways I walked on I managed to formulate my own statuary:

  • Certainly, as a subject, the human body appears and when we talk about the body, its SACRED idea lives in all of us.
  • The vision objectively is always just a part of the whole but based on these experiences we are trying to express the superhuman with the words borrowed from our PROFANE spiritual life and with our EXPERIENCES gained from the nature.
  • I am approaching the IDEA from the fragment ... During creation, I am led by some details to the whole. I do not create along a previously specified concept, my works are born from one fragment by giving space to processes, momentary impressions. I believe that by giving free vent to Muse from the parts the perfect whole can be born. This is the artistic flow, the real freedom.