"does the soul recognize that matter and spirit are only delusions…"

According to the teaching of Buddhism, everything that has a beginning also has an end, everything that has arisen will pass away. Therefore nothing is constant, everything in the course of existence is in an intermediate state (in bardo).

Red is life itself, white is the invisible world in between man is constantly wandering. Crossing the golden line, the border, the Tibetan Book of the Dead provides guidance for the soul to attain liberation from the cycle: helps to achieve the enlightenment, the fusion of life and death. Interrupting the circle is not obvious: ​​in the first moments of death the illusion of our self collapses, fear prevails over us, the remnant of our consciousness tries to be reborn in human form, thus fleeing into a new mother's womb. Before crossing the golden gate, we decide for ourselves in what form — as a man or a woman — we are embodied while our karma determines the location of our new life.


- painting and sculpture -
... ... ... through the golden gate ... ... ...


- painting series -

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